Best Websites Of Today


  1. Money Saving Expert. Well, we can’t say this one is exactly for students, but it can be a great help if you want to save money and live your dreams. It can inform you of the best payment methods available to students and guide you through economic crisis (at least verbally). You can also use Money Saving Expert to repay your loans and improve money management issues. It’s like your banker and financial account at the same time, never giving false advice. A pleasant bonus – the sites features never-ending coupons for cafes, restaurants and concert places, providing for your entertainment as well.
  2. Cite This For Me. We are all furious when unfairly accused of plagiarism. In order to avoid such situations, experts recommend this site to students who are tired of proving their innocence when it comes to ‘write my assignment’ case. It features proper reference for your teacher to be proud, and hosts podcasts and books you can find nowhere else. With its Google-like browser allowing immediate search Cite This For Me is our best choice. It costs absolutely nothing and is perfect for those who want to pay their loans without having to spend money on websites.
  3. Unidays. If you have constant access to the apps on your mobile phone, you can use this site any time you like. Looking for discounts and vouchers on your favorite restaurant? You’ve come to the right place. Unidays is full of surprises on holidays, when the prices go up, and feels like home with its broad choice of stationery, food and more. For additional information, you may search online, but be sure you are heading in the right direction.
  4. Save The Student. This one has something in common with the first one, but of a more informal type. It gives useful tips on how to save money when you are on holiday and provides checklists of hostels in every country of the world for budget travelling. If you are living in a dorm and saving every penny to live through the semester, you’ll be delighted to know about the study hacks and such. In case you are going to get ducation in another country Save the Student has a list of most available options with average annual fee, advice on what to take and a quick procedure to pay all your bills. It cannot guarantee you will find a part-time job while studying, but it can ensure you have a global support from students all around the world. Save The Student is also helpful if you are looking for a guest house, a cheap venue to hang out and some places that might be useful for future reference. It is free and doesn’t charge any additional fees being the number one website for learners in the UK, leaving other student-aid communities behind.