The Downs Malvern Preparatory School


The Downs Malvern Preparatory School

  • Location United Kingdom, County of Herefordshire, Koluoll
  • Age 3-13 years
  • Programs Kindergarten, primary and secondary school
  • Type of school Preparatory School
  • The number of pupils in a class of 10-12 people
  • Total number of students 219
  • Founded in 1900
  • High level of preparation, large variety of extra-curricular activities, comfortable accommodation, term papers for sale, good location
  • Cost per year £ 16296 – £ 21471 (FB)

The curriculum for all classes in The Downs Malvern saturated and balanced. The school believed that children should be especially interested in and develop their desire to learn. First, children are taught the fundamental skills (writing, reading, count), then – academic skills (critical thinking, the ability to find and process information, understand the essence of reading, etc.). Classes are held in the classroom and outdoors.

Students move from elementary school (Pre-Prep) to high school (Prep) in the third year of study. In the third and fourth grade classes conducted mainly by one teacher (except for classes in art, design, technology, music, physical education and French language). Since the fifth grade, each item is separate teacher. Classes in grades 3-5 are not divided into groups according to ability. From the sixth grade there is a distribution group in math, English and science. In the sixth grade begins the study of Latin.

Since seventh grade, the curriculum is increasingly focused on preparing to enter the high school. Every week there is a lesson in learning skills. In these lessons, students get acquainted with the strategies and techniques of teaching, which demands are increasing every year. In seventh grade, students also begin to learn a second language – German or Spanish. There is a division into groups in accordance with their abilities in subjects such as Latin and French (where possible), and continues the division of mathematics, English and science until graduation.

Homework is an important component of training. Students grades 3-4 have no formal homework. However, they may ask for something to read or learn. In fifth grade, students must complete homework assignments in English and mathematics, three days a week after school. Students in grades 6-8 must be given homework one hour every day.


Students are placed in a newly renovated residences, in rooms for 4-8 people. The residence has a common room with TV and computers, kitchen, table tennis, board games, billiards, table football.

The Downs Malvern is located in the picturesque village Koluoll in Herefordshire, on the western slope of the hill Malvern Hills. The Downs Malvern Campus covers an area of ​​23 hectares on the hillside, surrounded by the charming nature of the West of England.

About the Author: Milly Wain is a student. She is an assistant at the university.

Palermo University & Catholic University of the Sacred Heart



Palermo University

Palermo University was founded in 1805. This is one of the largest universities in Italy and has more than 62 thousand students. The total number of students is more than 50,000.

Currently, there are twelve faculties at the university:
1. Faculty of agriculture
2. Faculty of architecture
3. Faculty of Fine Arts
4. Faculty of economics
5. Faculty of pedagogy
6. Faculty of engineering
7. Faculty of Law
8. Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences
9. Faculty of medicine
10. Faculty of physics
11. Faculty of pharmacology
12. Faculty of Political Science

The administration of the University is located in the Palace of Chiaramonte-Steri, most of the structures of the institution is located on campus in the park Orleans. Palermo Botanical Garden is also supervised by the university. In addition, the university include: Astronomical Observatory “Giuseppe Vayana”, Paleontological Museum “Gaetano Giorgio

Dzhemmellaro”, Institute and Museum of Zoology “Giuseppe Reverberi.”
Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

Catholic University of the Sacred Heart is the largest private institution of higher education in Italy and is recognized as one of the best universities in Europe. There are more than 42,000 students and 2,000 teachers. Catholic University of the Sacred Heart is the multinational University.

The university offers exciting programs and disciplines in such fields as medicine and health care, economics and business, fashion and design, international relations and political science, psychology and public relations.

The University was founded in 1921 by a group of Italian priests and professors. After that it was recognized by the Ministry of Education of Italy.

Education at the University is very prestigious and recognized worldwide. The University has a high reputation, and students are doing coursework themselves and not buy coursework. Many famous personalities, literary critics and writers, Italian Prime Minister, President of Italy, senators and cardinals started their careers at the university.

1. Faculty of linguistics
2. Faculty of Banking
3. Faculty of Political Science
4. Faculty of sociology
5. Faculty of agronomy
6. Faculty of pedagogy
7. Faculty of economics
8. Faculty of mathematics
9. Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
10. Faculty of human Sciences
11. Faculty of natural Sciences
12. Faculty of Law
13. Faculty of psychology

Research activities are carried out on the basis of the 70 centers that have business relations with more than 600 international organizations.

About the author: Peter Cram is a freelance writer. He is interested in economics, history and geography. Peter likes playing volleyball, cooking and travelling.

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