How Do You Write a Position Paper?

Writing a position paper is an exciting task and one of the most interested assignments during my academic career. As a teacher, I believe that position paper writing gives the student a chance to develop imagination and creativity.

So, what should you know if you’ve got a task to write a position paper? First and foremost, a position paper is about presenting an opinion on some issue. However, unlike a simple opinion paper, a position paper means that you will be presenting your own idea or the opinion of another entity chosen by you. Although it might seem rather difficult, after doing primary research on the subject you’ll be able to understand the nuts and bolts of how it works. It is important to know your teacher wants to see in a position paper:

  • addressing burning and controversial issues;
  • providing a solution to a problem, although in a biased form;
  • conducting in-depth research;
  • identifying at least two controversial positions of the topic;
  • demonstrating your knowledge of the subject;
  • presenting good arguments to support your ideas.

Got the idea of a position paper? Now it’s time to choose the topic. Whether you study Law or Psychology, you’ll have to pick the opinion that suits better for your essay. So, let it be creative because a position paper is all about the uniqueness of the point of view.

What will help you to makea position paper better?

1.A persuasive argument. A successful position paper should impressyourtutorand convey him your view is more reasonable than others on the issue. It means that you should provide clear reasons to support your idea in the body of your paper.

2. Be on the same page with your audience. An effective argument stands for finding  common ground with the reader. Your arguments will look more effective if you try to persuade someone with a different attitude.

3. A strong rebuttal. A rebuttal is proving the strength of your position. Here you need to use the most effective arguments to support your opinion. A position paper requires relevant sources.

4. Use the most winning essay form. A position paper can be a description, an argument solution, an evaluation, etc. No matter what form you use, do remember that a position paper is about sticking to a particular point of view on the issue.

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