How to Write a Philosophy Paper?

Writing an essay on philosophy requires attention and strong argumentation. However, in case if the argument is interesting for you, you will enjoy the task! Here are some simple advices to help you.

  • Choose your topic. Your tutor may ask you write on a certain topic or to choose one from the list. If you are required to come up with a topic yourself, try to pick a subject you’re interested in.
  • Now you need to answer the question that has been set. Many of them start with the word “Discuss…” or asks you to comment or explain a quote. In this case try to figure out what the philosopher is trying to say. Then provide the reasons why you agree or not.
  • Make a clear and careful argument. Avoid logical fallacies and don’t just express your opinion.
  • Your main task is to offer different solutions and show various theories. Try to answer the question separately from your beliefs.
  • Structure the arguments. It is important for your paper to be coherent, well-composed structured, interesting and easy to read. Structure the paragraphs and put the quotes to support your thoughts. Don’t include a quote without further explanation.
  • Enjoy and learn something new. Philosophy is one of the fields where you have the freedom of creative thinking. Sometimes, philosophy is really challenging and you just can’t handle all of those abstract ideas, but if you can cope with this, you may enjoy an interesting philosophical conversation, exploring new ideas and being satisfied with what you are doing!

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