How to Write an Application Essay?

Application essay is a personal statement students write for various graduate and academic programs and internships.

You should spend a great amount of time and effort to create an application essay, since it has a significant effect upon your future career. This type of essay reflects your goals, the reasons why a certain program is perfect for you, and your possible impact on this program. Before you start writing, think about the following things:

  • The field.

Think about the reasons why you choose this particular program. Think why you want to be a part of that particular field. What benefits do you expect? Why are you interested in that field? What exactly interests you in this career?

  • The program.

Why do you want to take part in the program you are applying to? What is special about it and facilities you may use? If you feel that you can’t write something particular, look for some brochures they offer.

  • Yourself.

What makes you special? Is there something about your personality, experience or family that brought you to this career? Write about the things that inspire and motivate you.

When you start writing, consider the following details:

  • Write your application essay in a conscious and clear way.
  • Avoid clichés that has been told a million times.
  • Funny and clever anecdotes and insights do attract the attention of your reader, but be careful with them. Do not overdo it.
  • Ask several people to read and comment your writing. Ideally, you may give it to a person in that field. Give to your classmate, your brother or your neighbor. The key point is to give it to several people and compare their opinions. Revise your essay accordingly.

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