How to Write MLA Style Research Paper?

Writing a research paper can be compared to the marathon running. To get abetter result, you should always strive for gold. With the combination of strong attitude, positive thinking and the power of knowledge you’ll be able to create something you can be really proud of!

Writing an A-winning research paper sounds like a pipe dream to you? It’s not that difficult if you know the basic steps of doing the research.

Stage 1.  Choosing the topic

Whether the topic was assigned to you or not, it should be something that makes you feel excited. Your attitude towards the topic nearly always defines the amount of enthusiasm put in your paper. Naturally, the most winning topics are those which have a wide range of sources. Besides, the topic needs to be:

  • Challenging;
  • Essential;
  • Focused;
  • Approved by your teacher.

Stage 2. Finding relevant information

Most information for your research paper can be found on the Internet. For the background information, check out online encyclopedias. However, for doing the profound research, you should use credible academic sourcesonly. Apart from scientific articles published online, there are plenty of books, magazines and newspapers that can be found in libraries.  You might also ask knowledgeable people for help.

Collecting the bibliography prior to initiating the writing process is a smart move. It is because you will need your sources for MLA referencing as well as for creating a bibliography page. What information do you need to write down for MLA referencing?

  • Author of the source;
  • Title;
  • Place and date of publication;
  • Number of pages;
  • URL from which the source can be retrieved.

Stage 3. Mapping out the field

A good outline is half the battle. After learning the ins and outs of the research, it’s time for creating an outline. It will help you organize your research paper in the utmost logical way. Each paragraph shouldbe logically complete because the smooth flow of the paper is significant for the reader.

Stage 4. Writing and referencing your paper

Your outline will help you to start. Just stick to the points of your plan. Do whatever makes your paper impeccable: paraphrase, revise and proofread.

What deserves your utmost attention is the MLA referencing. In general, referencing serves for representing the ideas that belong to someone else. Moreover, the Bibliography page is an integral part of any academic paper.

How to cite properly?

  • Quote significant phrases only.
  • Make sure that you mention all cited sources in the Bibliography section.
  • Do not overuse one source. No need to quotethe same source manytimes.
  • Each quotation should be followed by your own interpretation.
  • Do not cite common facts.

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