Tips on Essay Writing

What is the most common writing assignment that students get from their professors? If you say an essay, you are right. This is the type of paper you will need to write large amount times if you intend to study at college or university. That is why you need to make sure you know how to write it properly. Here are some tips that can hep you. Learn them, and you will see how easy it is to write this type of paper.

Tip #1 Define the main question of your essay. Read the topic multiple times. Do you agree with this statement? Whether yes or no, you need to come up with at least three reasons to support your opinion. These reasons have to be good enough to become the main idea for the next three paragraphs.
Tip #2 Make the draft plan. It may be similar to a standard essay structure: introduction, main body and conclusion. When you are ready with it, just fill it in with sentences. Each complete paragraph should be not much bigger or smaller than the others. For a standard two-page essay, five or six sentences for a paragraph will be enough.
Tip #3 Start with some interesting idea and connect it to your topic. You need it to get attention of your reader. If your essay has no special introductory phrase, the reader will not want to continue reading and will simply find you boring as an author. To avoid that, try to come up with some proverb, line from a song or poetry, or anything you think your readers will consider interesting.
Tip #4 Use the linking words. Remember that each paragraph should be connected to the previous and the following ones. Such words as moreover, in addition, another, however, although and so on can help you create needed connection. The other way to get your idea flowing through the whole text is to introduce the subject of the next paragraph in the last sentence of the previous one.
Tip #5 Write a powerful conclusion. Summarise all your ideas in a few sentences of the last paragraph. Write one strong statement that can impress the reader at the end of it. This one last sentence is worth your whole paper. It can be, for example, about the future perspectives of the problem solving. If you are writing a persuasive essay, the final statement must encourage readers to make some change.
Tip #6 Check the spelling and grammar. This is a very important issue. One mistake may have no effect on your grade, but two can spoil all your hard work. In order to avoid it, use one of the internet services that can check your text in a minute. If you are unsure about some words or sentences, just change them.

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