What Are the Different Types of Approaches to Writing a Research Paper?

Got a huge research assignment to complete? Feeling puzzled where to start? Research paper writing means identifying, exploring, and explaining an issue from a scientificperspective. Sounds too complex and daunting? With the right approach, good writing skills, and focus on the assignment you’ll be able to create an incredible research paper!

Let’s consider some approaches towards writing a research paper. They will surely be helpful for conducting an in-depth profound analysis. First of all, you need to carefully read and divide your topic into parts. By doing so, you’ll be able to see the ideas you’ll be talking about in your paper.

Ask yourself a question: “What is the purpose of my research paper?”It is important because your approach to writing your paper depends mainly on the aim and goals. Specifically, a research paper is about providing an investigation on the given topic and supporting it with substantial facts and detailed information.

So what is the correct way to present your ideas in a research paper? There are two main approaches of presenting your knowledge in writing.  They are quantitative and qualitative approaches. You can choose one of them upon the paper topic or your personal preference.

1. You choose the qualitative method. This approach requires describing of what you’ve studied in details. Your presentation should include pictures, tables, and detailed description. Thus, you should put some subjective spin on the paper and include your personal interpretation of the subject matter.

2. You choose the quantitative method. This one is more difficult. As a researcher, you need to build a classification of the features you describe in your paper. The quantitative approach presumes creating the statistical data based on your research. What is more, this data needs to explain and support the phenomenon you study.

No matter which approach you apply, the research paper needs to be organized in a systematic and logical way.In other words, it should correspond to its purpose. Besides, the tutor should get a clear impression that the researchis conducted thoroughly. Here is when your perfect conclusion comes in. All in all, the grade of the paper almost always depends on the profoundness ofyour conclusion. So, make it your forte!

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